My grandfathers were artists and, maybe, they could have met each other in the corridors of the Leningrad Academy of Arts, being students. Then war, which they didn’t return, began.
As far back as I can remember, I always have been drawing. When I was at school, technical school and institute I used to sit at back school desk and create, what saved me in the Army. Later I had a clear understanding that you have to do your own Business in life, that Gods make pot and pan not man and … there are indispensable people.
Today, membership in a number of creative unions and participation in various exhibitions and art projects are usual things for actively working artist.
What will happen next? Will see…
Born 1961 in Leningrad
Gfrom the Moscow Polygraphic Institute.

All graphics are made in the technique  of Grattage, followed by etching paper, glaze and waxing.Size of graphics: 42х30 cent.

My Exhibitions

1990 Sweden, Örebro «Festival of Leningrad galleries»1992 Russia, SPB,                       gallery «Nevsky 20»

1995 Russia, SPb, Navsky 82, gallery «Guild of masters»

1997 Russia, SPb, Showroom of Union of Artists, Bolshaya Morskaya Street 38,                 «A window on Netherlands»

1998 Russia, SPb, Engineering street 4/1, «The Russian Museum of Ethnography».          Art project «Square Arts»

2000 Russia, SPb, Kazan street 25, «Representatives  Moscow in SPB».                            Art project « Saint Petersburg-Konevets VI centuries later »

2001 Russia, SPb, Pushkin Street 10

2002 Russia, SPb, Kuznechny per. 5/2, «Literary Memorial Museum F. M. Dostoevsky».  Art Project «Sonia Marmeladova Saint-Petersburg XXI»

2003 Russia, SPb, Nevsky 60 gallery «IFA»

2003 Russia, Moscow, Gogolevsky Boulevard 10.                                                                   Art Project « Sonia Marmeladova Saint-Petersburg XXI »

2005 Finland, Helsinki, gallery «Eira»

2008 Great Britan, London, «Russian Art by Contemporary Russian Artists»

2012 Russia, SPb, Kammennoostrovsky Pr. 42, «Jam Hall»

2015 Germany, Frankfurt an Main «Theater DIE SCHMIERE»

2017 Russia, SPb,  Hermitage. Main Headquartes 

2017 Russia, SPb, Nevsky pr. 47, The Restaurant “Палкинъ”